10 Serious Advantages of Being a Medicare Agent With Online Training

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Did you know that Medicare spending is on the rise?

According to data from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), Medicare spending grew 6.7% in 2019 and made up 21% of the total NHE (National Health Expenditure).

If you’re thinking of becoming a Medicare agent, this is good news. As more people turn to Medicare supplements to top up their health coverage, you’ll be able to tap into increased demand in the market.

Being able to sell to a growing market isn’t the only benefit of getting into selling Medicare.

Unlike many other well-paid careers, you can become a certified Medicare agent quickly and easily via the right courses. In addition, by completing online training, you can speedily arm yourself with the right knowledge for selling Medicare insurance.

Besides this, selling Medicare can be both a flexible and lucrative career choice.

Are you wondering whether you should carry out Medicare agent training?

If yes, carry on reading to determine the top 10 benefits of kickstarting your insurance career through Medicare online training. 

1. Online Medicare Agent Training Is Convenient

One of the primary advantages of online training for selling Medicare is that it’s highly convenient. Most programs are self-paced.

What’s more, you can complete your training from anywhere. Instead of having to travel to a training site, you can complete your coursework straight from the comfort of your own home.

Not only is this convenient, but it’s also more cost-effective.

Instead of spending money on traveling, all you have to do is bring up your training materials on your computer or tablet and carry on where you left off. 

This is ideal if you have a busy schedule and don’t want to waste time commuting to your training.

2. Online Medicare Training Is Flexible

Besides being highly convenient, online Medicare training is also more flexible than physical classes. You can fit your courses in and around your existing schedule. 

This makes them more accessible than location-based training because you won’t be tied to a time and a place. Instead of adapting your schedule to your training, you can carry out your training around your existing responsibilities.

This makes online training for Medicare sales ideal for people who already have a full-time jobs. If you have time on your lunch break before you leave for work or after dinner, you can dedicate this to promoting your new career path.

3. You Have More Options With Online Training

Another benefit of online training is that you get more options. For example, if you opt for location-tied Medicare agent training, you’ll be restricted to the available programs in your area.

Depending on where you live, you might not even find a training program within a suitable distance from you.

On the other hand, with online training, you can choose from various Medicare agent courses. So instead of having to pick between one or two programs, you can select the top choice from dozens of options.

Although you can start selling Medicare insurance with a minimum of training, the education you receive is vital to your success. If you receive top-notch training, you’ll:

  • Increase your probability of generating high sales numbers
  • Have a higher chance of carving out a strong income stream for yourself

With online training, you can opt to go with a high-value course that teaches you essential insider tips and techniques.

4. Online Training Is More Cost-Effective

Besides giving you more options, choosing online training is often the cheaper choice. While online training is just as effective as physical training, it often comes at a lower price point. 

This is because the administrations don’t need to cover costs for things like:

  • Training premises
  • Issuing physical resources
  • Full-time trainers

Instead of listening to a live lecture, you’ll get access to pre-recorded lectures or lessons. Not only does this ensure premium quality presentation for students, but it’s also a more efficient use of resources for the training provider.

Instead of engaging full-time educators, they can distribute pre-record material.

5. Online Training Is More Effective

Are you wondering whether online training is really as good as in-person training?

Yes, it is. In fact, reports are revealing that online training can actually produce better results than in-person education.

According to a report from the Department of Education, students in online or blended classes did consistently better than those in in-person classes.

One of the reasons for this is that online training programs often incorporate new technologies that help reinforce your understanding of materials.

6. Online Medicare Agent Training Facilitates Ongoing Education

Along with giving you high-quality education at an affordable price, online Medicare agent training also opens the door for ongoing education. 

Insurance sales isn’t a static field. There is always room for improvement. What’s more, you may come across issues as a Medicare agent that you’d like help with. 

To truly crack the code of selling insurance, you need to ensure you have the right support. A good online training program for Medicare sales will always offer follow-up courses you can take to stack your knowledge and sales acumen.

What’s more, you might also be able to access once-off consultations.

Here at InsuranceSales101, we firmly believe that all our customers should be able to access support and guidance when they need it (business hours apply).

7. Once Your Qualified, You Can Sell Medicare Insurance Around Your Current Schedule

As we said above, online Medicare training is both flexible and convenient. Once you’ve completed your training and obtained your license, you can continue this flexible transition into your new career path.

If you work as an independent agent, you can:

  • Choose when you want to devote time to Medicare insurance sales
  • Operate after hours or on weekends
  • Choose to sell Medicare supplements in conjunction with a part-time job

Because selling insurance is incredibly flexible, it offers the ideal path for building a new career while still retaining income security from your existing work. 

Doing online training is the perfect way to begin this fluid and flexible journey toward selling insurance.

8. You Can Start Selling Sooner

One of the big attractions of becoming a Medicare agent through online training is that you can start selling Medicare supplement insurance almost immediately after gaining your license.

There’s no red tape and no additional certifications you need.

9. Medicare Supplement Sales Have an Attractive Income Stream

Besides being easy to train and license for, Medicare insurance sales also give you an attractive income stream. 

If you can crack the code of selling to your clients, you can secure both immediate income and a long-term income stream. 

Medicare supplement sales gain you some of the highest first-year commissions in the industry. After this, they will continue to yield an income in the form of annual residuals. 

If you keep on raking in sales, your independent insurance agent’s “salary” will likely grow each year. 

What’s more, Medicare supplement plans tend to stay on the books for quite a long time (usually 8 years and over) and require a minimum of servicing on your behalf.

10. You’ll Have a Large Pool of Clientele

Before you invest in online training for becoming a Medicare agent, it’s important to get an idea of what the market is like. As we mentioned above, the Medicare market is on a strong and steady growth trajectory at the moment. 

One of the reasons for this is that the American population is aging. So every day, more people enter the market by default.

As a Medicare agent, this means your potential clientele is growing all the time.

Are You Looking for Online Training for Becoming a Medicare Agent?

If you’re thinking of becoming a Medicare agent, online training is one of the best ways to start. Not only is online training highly flexible and convenient, but it’s also cost-effective.

Additionally, when you opt for online training, you’ll also be able to pick from among the top courses online. So, instead of being restricted to the ones offered in your area, you can choose a training program that provides tangible results and comes vetted by great reviews.

Looking for the best in online training for Medicare agents? Here at InsuranceSales101, our mission is to equip insurance sales agents with impactful training and the tools they need to generate sales and revenue.

Are you ready to take the next step toward a successful career as a Medicare agent? If so, check out our training program.

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