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How can you partner with us?

Become our affiliate and earn a BIG commission for each sale you bring in to enhance your wealth!

Collaborate with us on joint marketing actions like articles, podcasts, interviews, and more!

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Have other ideas about how we can work together? Simply reach out to us and pitch the idea!

Why Our Affiliate Program Rocks For YOU

Customers served! 1 % Commission Per Sale.

You can enjoy a 25% commission for all new sales you bring.

Easy sales & management

You'll have an accessible affiliate hub to manage all your links, assets, branding, marketing, tracking, audience bonus materials, and more.

Last Click & Lifetime Cookie

We use a last-click and lifetime cookie approach. If you're the last one to send a lead to us, no matter when that person decides to sign up, you'll get paid.

Affiliate Sales

Just How Much Profit Could You Be Earning With Us?

Based on our average training course purchase value of $597 for a single course. Your income could be higher for bundled sales.

1 Sale

5 Sales

20 Sales

50 Sales

100 Sales






Why choose us?

Affiliate Program Rocks

The InsuranceSales101 affiliate program is one of the easiest and best programs I've come across. They make it very easy to track my sales, earn commissions, and streamline my marketing.

Brian Bailey
No payment threshold

When you make a sale, you get paid, period. We have no minimum dollar amount threshold to meet.

Timely payments

After your sale exceeds the 30-day refundable period, your payment will be processed.

an excellent cookie duration

We offer an unbeatable lifetime cookie. The average affiliate program cookie only lasts up to 30 days for you to get credit for sign-ups. If your client clicks on your link last and purchases 10 years later, you still get credit.

No commission caps

The sky is the limit. There is no cap on your earning potential.

Who Can Benefit From Promoting Us?

Niche Experts

If you're passionate about the insurance industry and sharing your knowledge with an engaged audience, you'll find our training programs a great fit to help them achieve results.

Insurance Course Creators

If you offer online courses or want to create classes, your audience will value your opinion on the best training to help them achieve their desired result. We've got you covered and can help.

Insurance Agencies

Your downline and sub-agents will value your opinion on which training is good for them. Why not recommend InsuranceSales101 and get paid to do so?

Insurance Agents

If you're an insurance agent that loves the industry and wants to share your experience, why not recommend the training to your fellow agents?

InsuranceSales101 Fans

If you just love our training courses and want to share your story with your audience and friends, we're here to help you get credit.

Content Writers

Are you a blogger, publisher, affiliate marketer, or an insurance guru? We've got you covered with awesome training you can recommend to your readers.

Or anyone that has an audience they want to help, really.

How does this work?

Step 1: Apply

Set some marketing strategies in place and be ready to answer a few questions about them. The application is straightforward, but you have to be manually approved.

Step 2: Promote

You know what works best for your audience. Use this advantage to find the right ways to promote our training courses. The commission automatically appears on your affiliate account when somebody signs up through your link.

Step 3: Make Money

Earn unlimited cash potential with monthly payments.

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