Life & Final Expense Insurance

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Life Insurance Agent


23% of Americans don’t have life insurance. Of course, they recognize the importance of protecting their loved ones if something happens to them. Yet, for whatever reason haven’t made the purchase.

Without life insurance, your family may not have an avenue to handle debts should you pass away due to a catastrophic event.

For a person interested in selling life insurance, this large percentage of uninsured people is a huge opportunity when breaking into career sales.

Much about being a life insurance agent is finding leads and converting the sale. It’s also important to be highly knowledgeable about insurance and the product being sold.

To learn more about becoming a life insurance agent and helping your loved ones steer clear of the dreaded insurance slump, keep reading.

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IS101 Updates

Product and Service Changelog For IS101

This post will be used to update customers and readers on the progress of the IS101 website.

The newest additions and changes will be posted at the top with a date this way you can easily find the newest updates to the service.

Feel free to leave comments, let us know your thoughts on how we're doing and updates you would like to see.

If you'd like to know the direction and updates to the training program, you can read them in this article.

Check out what's new, read now!

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Medicare Supplement and Advantage

How Much Do Medicare Insurance Agents Make?


Are you wondering whether becoming a Medicare insurance agent is a financially rewarding career path? Spoiler alert, it is.

Thanks to the march of Medicare Advantage enrollment, 2023 is likely to be another prosperous year for insurance agents. Medicare Advantage enrollment has increased from 19% to 48% between 2011 and 2023. By 2023, enrollment numbers are likely to reach 61%.

Thanks to this, Medicare insurance agents can expect to see an expanding market over the next decade. Unlike most jobs, you aren’t capped on how much you can make selling Medicare. If you put in the legwork, you can grow your income at a fairly rapid rate.

However, not all agents meet with success. In fact, many fall by the wayside within their first year. The reason? Lack of sales.

In this guide, we take a look at how much Medicare insurance agents make and how quickly you can expect to increase your earnings. We also get into a few impactful tips for ramping up those sales numbers as a new (or seasoned) agent. 

Keep reading for a full breakdown of how much agents make selling Medicare. 

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Insurance Insights

A Look at the Average Licensed Insurance Agent Salary

Are you thinking of becoming a licensed insurance agent?

If so, you’re probably wondering if an insurance career can pay the bills. As inflation skyrockets to a 40-year record high, many Americans are feeling the pinch.

The last thing you want to do is branch out into a new career that doesn’t pay well at a time like this. Fortunately, we have some good news.

Working as an insurance agent can be very lucrative. In fact, it is one of the most financially rewarding jobs that don’t require a degree. 

Curious to get a specific idea of how much you can earn as a licensed insurance agent? Keep reading.

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