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Why Join Final Expense Insurance 101 Training

Master the art of selling final expense insurance with step-by-step insurance agent training and support. Final expense insurance agent training from the ground up. 

Learn the basics

Learn the basics of how final expense products work, sales training, sales techniques, and tips to help you think critically in the field. 

Don't go at it alone

This training program is dedicated to helping you learn the best practices of both business and final expense so you avoid mistakes.

What you get when you purchase

Course access (Total Value - $997)

Get access to the Final Expense 101 course. Final Expense Insurance 101 was designed for Final Expense-focused insurance agents by Final Expense insurance agents.

Advanced sales strategies (Total Value - $997)

Learn advanced Final Expense insurance sales and prospecting techniques, case design, underwriting, audience targeting, and more.

More revenue (Total Value - $997)

Build a bigger and more profitable book of Final Expense business. Go from just another insurance agent to THE INSURANCE ADVISOR for your clients.

Prospecting techniques (Total Value - $997)

Learn to attract your ideal Final Expense clients, close more deals, make more money, have the career you want, and get the tools you need to succeed.

Dedicated support (Total Value - $1,997)

Get one-on-one coaching and support without having to do contracts or being tied to an upline. Assistance with case design, policy placement, best business practices, and more.

Proven sales system (Total Value - $1,997)

Discover the framework and sales system to become a true insurance advisor.

Resources & digital tools (Total Value - $997)

Instant access to a growing list of resources to build your insurance career. Access to our expanding digital tools such as downloads, planners, spreadsheets, templates, worksheets, and action guides to cut the learning curve of insurance.

Over $500 in savings

Save over $500+ with exclusive discounts on overhead costs, startup costs, leads, software, technology, business services, and more for your insurance business.

A Total Value of over $10,000!

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What Makes Us Different?

We do not require contracts, production, or commissions from you to help you. Our training is developed to be on-demand when you need it. 

There are no mandatory training sessions that you might miss or face-to-face training events you have to waste your hard earned money on.

Your questions will be answered in one-on-one sessions via phone, live chat, email, or booking appointments.

You will get instant access to all the training program's relevant digital tools, downloads, planners, spreadsheets, templates, worksheets, and action guides. However, you can pay for course content individually or sign up for an all-access-pass bundle.

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.



Yes, we raise the price regularly to reflect the increased value our customers receive. The prices you see will be the lowest they will ever be—Lock in your rate today.

Is this program for me if i'm already a seasoned insurance agent?

If you are a seasoned insurance agent, the training program can still help you learn another insurance product, enhance your selling process, and give you new ideas, tips, and strategies. Yes, this program was designed with YOU in mind as well.


If you are new to insurance, this program is designed to help you understand the basics, develop a sales process, market, sell yourself, and write business. Yes, this program was designed with YOU in mind.

Is selling Final Expense insurance a good career choice?

Yes, because Final Expense is for a specific market that needs help and it allows you to sell a product that is simplified. It's an easy way to break into insurance before getting into more complex concepts.

If you are self-disciplined, organized, and committed to servicing your policyholders, you will build your business and help others at the same time!

How do I start selling Final Expense policies?

The first step is to become a life licensed insurance agent in your resident state. We do provide discounts for customers on pre-licensing and continuing education courses. We encourage you to find out the specific details from your department in your state (we also go over how to become licensed in the training.)

Can I sell Final Expense insurance over the phone?

Yes, most Final Expense carriers will allow you to sell over the phone and have electronic application processes. It is considered harder to do than Face to Face sales.

Note: You can even make your phone calls more personable with video conferencing software.

How do I sign up?

All you have to do is click the enroll button below, sign up, pay, and you will be given access!

How do I get contracts/appointments with Final Expense Carriers?

Once you have your Life license, you will want to research for a suitable Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) that fits your needs. For example, TR King Insurance Marketing.

How much money should I set aside to get started?

At a minimum, we recommend saving up $500 for your very first marketing effort (buying leads, etc).

Our suggestion is to have $5,400 set aside for the first 3 months for numerous start-up expenses. With more than half ($2,700) for marketing (buying leads, etc).

Should I have a business/marketing plan?

Yes, we strongly recommend that you do. How can you possibly measure success of your business long term without a plan?

A strategically developed business and marketing plan begins with realistic goals, financial planning, and actions to achieve your desired results.

What will I need to do Final Expense 101 training?

You will need the following:

  • Access to internet via mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • The ability to follow directions, a desire to learn, and self-discipline.

We recommend having something to take notes or write down questions. You will have access to live chat so you can ask questions as they come to you as well.

What will I need to sell?

You'll need the following things to make sales:

  • A customer relationship management system (CRM).
  • A final expense quote engine - Free quoting tools provided with purchase of training program.
  • Product knowledge and training - training and support provided with purchase of training program.
  • A vehicle to go to appointments, an office (for appointments to come to you), or a phone.
  • Insurance company appointments through a reputable upline.
  • The ability to handle rejection and a drive to succeed.

What software/devices will I need to get started for selling?

Here is a short list of the vital software to start:

  • A final expense quoting tool (comes with purchase of training program).
  • A customer relationship management system (CRM).
  • A laptop and a cellphone or a softphone service such as RingCentral.
  • A more extensive list of software will be provided for paying customers supporting the site under the discount library.

Which insurance companies do I need to be set up with?

You can call, use the live chat, or set up an appointment with staff members to help you narrow this down as a paying customer. Our staff members will narrow the companies you need by zip code. We will make sure the companies are competitive for your desired work area, customer-centric, and known for good agent support. Having the right carriers is crucial for your success.

Will I need E&O coverage?

Some Final Expense carriers may not require E&O insurance coverage. However, we highly recommend having your own E&O coverage and we offer a discounted E&O program to our customers to help offset the costs.

Will I need a website?

No, you don't. However, we do advise to have at least a one-page website that helps build your credibility and gives you a place to generate leads.

As the need for a digital presence grows, insurance agents will need to be prepared to obtain and service clients in this fashion.

Do you have leads or a lead programs?

We do not provide leads or have lead programs. Instead, we offer an array of discounts from trusted and vetted lead vendors in the industry with your purchase.

Why should I look for a Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO)?

It is essential that you be set up with the right insurance carriers and get the attention you need. Insurance carriers will not tell you if a competitor is better than them. An IMO can narrow it down to your specific area, increase your sales, and go to bat for you when a problem arises with a carrier.

Do you provide discounts for customers?

We offer several discounts and trusted resources for our customers to use to keep your operating costs down. The training program will pay for itself. We continuously add and remove resources based on their relevance.

Do you provide coaching sessions?

Yes. You can get one-on-one coaching sessions by going to your member dashboard once you sign up.

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