Insurance Advisor Elite Insurance Sales Training Program

Insurance Advisor Elite is the all-access-pass to all current & future training programs released, resources, and digital tools. The training program is developed for independent agents and agency owners like YOU to build, grow, and enhance your business and teams with killer training, content, digital tools, and resources.

The Insurance Advisor Elite Training Program

Insurance Advisor Elite is a discounted bundle of all our current & future courses.

The bundle is designed for independent agents and agency owners who want to learn multiple aspects of insurance to boost their sales and revenue.

 what we offer 

Program Benefits

  • All-access pass to all courses + bonus courses added in the future.
  • Get instant access to a growing list of resources to build your insurance career.
  • Discover the framework and sales system to become a TRUE insurance advisor.
  • SAVE BIG by bundling our courses + save over $500 with exclusive discounts.
  • Increase your revenue with coaching, guidance, tips, strategies, and tactics to boost sales.
Get all the courses, content, resources, and tools at a heavy discount!

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Wish I Would Have Signed Up Earlier!

Jim Evans Independent FE Agent

I really wish I had signed up for your website and training program, six months before I finally decided to. I kept reading reviews and wavering back and forth on whether I should or not. Thank you so much for making it so easy to understand how to make money in this business. Your training program is totally awesome!!!

Now, I'm Making $3,100 A Month After This Training!

Earnest Shaw Independent Medicare Insurance Agent

I was just getting into Medicare Supplement Insurance and didn't really know what to do or how the Medicare Program and policies worked. I signed up to the Insurance Sales 101 site and it was a HUGE HELP!

However, what really impressed me and got me going was the help of the support staff! The support staff took the time and weeks of setting up one-on-one consultation appointments to help me find the best insurance companies for my area and understand more about Medicare Supplement plans. The support staff even helped me write my first client case!

All of their help and encouragement really boosted my confidence! The support is OUTSTANDING!

Anytime I had a question, someone was always there with an answer. They even called to check in on me months after training to see how my Med Supp business was progressing! Now, that's awesome support!

Before joining the IS101 program, I was making about $2,500/mo in insurance sales. After joining, I increased my revenue to $3,100 a month and growing!

I would definitely recommend this training to any agent in a heartbeat. For agents like myself who have been selling insurance for a few years, but have never worked in the Medicare arena, this is the type of training that is needed!

I Built My Own Agency Off This Training, And Send My Agents Here Too!

Michael Spinelli MS Insurance Marketing Agency

I joined IS101 a while back, and I'm grateful I did. Since then, I have used the training to build my own agency and I have found that many of my newer agents or even veterans, need this training! Therefore, I have been sending more and more of my agents to Insurance Sales 101 to learn the business the right way, just like I did. By having this training website for agents to visit 24/7, it enhances their consideration of contracting with me. In addition, it gives them the confidence to meet the challenge of a new career or insurance product. I have found the IS101 training program to be beneficial for them to learn the basics of selling insurance at their own pace, giving them a good foundation to be successful!

What Makes Us Different?

We do not require contracts, production, or commissions from you to help you. Our training is developed to be on-demand when you need it. 

There are no mandatory training sessions that you might miss or face-to-face training events you have to waste your hard earned money on.

Your questions will be answered in one-on-one sessions via phone, live chat, email, or booking appointments.

All payments are one-time. We will not force you into a recurring subscription fee, and we will not Nickle-and-Dime you for every little thing.

You will get instant access to all the training program's relevant digital tools, downloads, planners, spreadsheets, templates, worksheets, and action guides. However, you can pay for course content individually or sign up for an all-access-pass bundle.

Course content

What training programs are included?

Final Expense Insurance 101 Training Program

Medicare Insurance 101 Training Program

Life Insurance 101 Training Program

Annuity Insurance 101 Training Program

30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like the training programs, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team, and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.



Yes, we raise the price regularly to reflect the increased value our customers receive. The prices you see will be the lowest they will ever be—Lock in your rate today.


If you are new to insurance, this program is designed to help you understand the basics, develop a sales process, market, sell yourself, and write business. Yes, this program was designed with YOU in mind.


If you are a seasoned insurance agent, the training program can still help you learn another insurance product, enhance your selling process, and give you new ideas, tips, and strategies. Yes, this program was designed with YOU in mind as well.