Medicare Training 101: How to Get Started in Medicare Sales

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Are you tired of working for your boss? Do you want a career choice that will allow you to gain experience while being self-employed? Look no further because medicare training may be the perfect option for you!

If you’re wondering how to get started, keep reading to learn more. Let’s begin your next steps on the path to becoming an insurance agent.

Medicare Training: How to Get Started

Odds are, you’re going to be up against other independent insurance agents who will be selling products to the same people as you. To combat these competitors, you’ll want to play it safe. Make sure you have all the tools necessary to be the leading Medicare salesperson.

Many websites allow you the opportunity to get the training you need to be knowledgeable and certified as an agent.

Make sure to check in with your state’s department of insurance to find out the requirements. To receive a license to sell health insurance, the procedures vary by state. It’s also recommended that you get a life license at the same time. You can take a Life and Health combo course.

AHIP Certification

The AHIP certification or “America’s Health Insurance Plans” certification is a must. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires it. When certified, this will guarantee that you are ready to sell as an agent.

Every year, the AHIP exam costs a total of $175. But luckily, there are websites and membership packages that offer discounts.

CRM and Quoting Platforms Explained

Once you’ve completed and passed your AHIP exam, the Medicare training will also prepare you for sales and client-based relationships.

It is crucial to take advantage of the essential sales tools needed as an agent. These tools include a Customer Relationship Management System, eContracting Solutions, Medicare quoting tool, and Book of Business Search Features, a laptop, and a cellphone or software service so you can start selling.

The online engine and Medicare quoting tool provides any agent with access to updated pricing and plan information to top-tier senior market products. The quoting platform can scan and review the product details to give you a skillful level of comprehension on the spot.

The Book of Business, or B.O.B, gives you the capacity to inquire, search, and download your entire client target at any point.


After you’ve gone through the process of getting your license, it’s smart to use your resources to find an adequate Field Marketing Organization to best suit your essential needs. An FMO is a company that presents health insurance plans from many insurance companies.

This will help pave the way and gain appeal when making appointments or getting contracts with carriers that offer Medicare Advantage plans. These carriers include Aetna, CIGNA, Humana, United Healthcare, and regional Blue Cross and Blue Shields.

Once contracted, you’ll be able to sell products like Medicare Advantage, Perscription Drug Plans, and Medicare Supplements.

Not only will you be able to sell insurance companies’ products, but you’ll also arrange commission agreements and receive marketing help from an advanced team to aid you in the highest results.

E&O Insurance

Another recommendation when becoming an insurance agent is to get E&O Insurance or Errors & Omissions Insurance. This insurance protects you in case you happen to give misguided or incorrect information to a client, and then they, in turn, try to sue you.

You can buy E&O Insurance with many casualty agencies and insurance companies. They’ll range in price from $300-$500 per year. The average insurance policy coverage is between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000.

Financial and Business Strategies

A suggestion when starting in this career path is to make sure to save up for your first marketing try. At the lowest, you should reserve $500 and prepare to have $5,400 for the initial three months for various expenses.

It is key to have a fundamental business and marketing strategy. It should be reachable in goals, financial plans, and events to execute your sought-after results.

Website Material

Having your own website is not a qualification. But it can be helpful in maintaining integrity within the field. It helps to have a website that consists of at least one page to entice any leads.


As a Medicare agent, selling products can be a profitable and rewarding career choice. It offers the opportunity to cultivate your personal business and enjoy long-term income for years to come.

Some incentives to working as an independent Medicare agent is receiving residual income, owning your own business, exotic vacation packages, and more product sales. By selling Medicare Plans, you will benefit in profits with a residual income from that sale for an extended amount of years.

The perk of owning your business leads to the advantage of getting commissions paid straight to you and staying on track with your renewals. Depending on how well your work ethic is, the top agents stay motivated with the reward of a trip to an exotic place.

There are many ways Medicare products can serve as a great initiative for agents to create relationships with their clients. Offering additional product sales can make for extra income while also helping to foster a client’s devotion to your services.

The Benefits of Medicare Training 101

By learning the proper etiquette on how to reach out to clients, sell Medicare products over the phone, handle rejections, and close on a sale, you will be successful in marketing yourself as an agent.

In taking these beginner steps of training, you will be fit to get started in making a difference in your community and on your way to earning a sustainable position.

Do you need help getting started with Medicare training? Check out the training program here.

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